Learn How To Stop Sciatica With Exercise and Diet

Sciatica Exercise Videos for Back Pain Relief

Here are sample videos of exercises that can help you with back pain relief and with home treatment of sciatica. 

Remember: Getting enough of the right type of exercise is one of the key things you can do to stop your sciatica and back pain.

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The Back Pull Down

Remember to watch your posture while you are doing the exercise. Sit on the edge of your chair, back straight, knees together, eyes level looking straight ahead, your lower back slightly curved.

With this particular exercise, you can start with 5 repetitions and buld up from there to 20-25 which is plenty for one round. You can repeat a round several times during a day if your back feels like it is benefitin gfrom it.

Bear in mind if you haven't done much exercise recently and you do a lot of these you may feel sore.

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The Downward Facing Dog

Many years ago when I first started doing stretches like this, they were difficult to hold for any period of time, and quite uncomfortable. You might think the same when you start. but pain relief and flexibility come with practice, so keep at it!

This video has some fooling around at the start, but the exercise is definitely worthwhile. Hey any day my back is not hurting is a fun day, but if you're not in the mood for a bit of humor just ignore the fooling around.

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Yoga Salute To The Sun

This is a simple yet powerful exercise that you can do virtually anywhere - your home, at the gym, in a hotel, at the beach (if you don't mind everybody pointing/laughing at you).   It really is a great all round stretching, strengthening and warm up exercise.

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